To find answer for the most challenging questions about our patient we need specialists who can look for these answers, experienced and inquisitive, dedicated to new ideas and technology, with keen understanding of the world. Purposeful people who wants to find out the answers. People who wants to change the world. Maybe you are such a person? 
We do not look or diplomas or degrees. We look for personalities. 
We provide great opportunities to our staff members. From the very first day we give you all needed support because we understand than only motivated employees making company`s success. Our company wants these people. 
We propose you to learn new edges of profession. We suppose stable development of your career with professional trainings and learning programs, aimed to envelope professional skills and competence. 
Beginning career in Medscan.rf every employee acquaint himself with company and his or her responsibilities. 
For motivates and talented specialists we give an opportunity to complete training in foreign partner clinics. We expect effective work and offer great salaries, benefits and rewards program with creative and dynamic working environment. 
We are waiting for your resumes. 

We are waiting for your resumes.


Radiology specialist
7 years of experience, skills of CT, MRI, X-ray studies, mammography. Skills of working with contrast enhancing in radiology.
Ultrasonographer or functional diagnostics specialist
7 years of experience, skill in wide spectre of diagnostic tests in gynaecology and obstetrics, Doppler ultrasound, echocardiography.
A minimum of 5 years of experience, skills of working with children is an advantage
Radiology technologist
A minimum of 7 years of working in CT, MRI, X-ray studies, mammography, experience of independent working with all type of scanners without a radiologist supervision, skills of working with bolus tracking systems.
Patient Services Coordinator (medical reception/front office)
27 years old and over, knowledge in medical inform systems, work experience in medical offices preferred.
General practitioner
A minimum of 7 years of experience, understanding of modern diagnostics techniques, advanced clinical thinking.
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