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Sorry, this entry is only available in Russian.

Sorry, this entry is only available in Russian.

Usychkin Sergey Vladimirovich

Head of radiation therapy department

Professional interest area: three-dimensional conformal radiation therapy (3DCRT), impulse modulation radiation therapy (IMRT), volume modulated arc therapy (VMAT, RapidArc), image guided radiation therapy (IGRT) with VARIAN TrueBeam, Elekta Synergy, Siemens devices. Stereotactic radiosurgery (brain tumour and extracranial) with VARIAN TrueBeam EDGE and Cyber-Knife VSI, Tomotherapy with HiART System, intraoperative radiation therapy (IntraBeam, LIAC).

Petrov Kirill Sergeevich

Chief radiologist

Graduate Medical (St. Petersburg State Medical University. Pavlov in 2006 on a specialty “medicine”). Candidate of Medical Sciences.

Borisov Konstantin Evgenyevich

Head of oncology department

Area of professional interest: prescribing essential instrumental and lab testing for the most precise diagnose of malignant tumours. Elaboration of strategy and tactic of personalized combined therapy considering tumour stage, morphology and genotype as well as patient individual characteristics. Management of patient through all treatment stages: neoadjuvant chemotherapy, adjuvant chemotherapy, curative and palliative chemotherapy based […]

Savkin Dmitriy Sergeevich

Ultrasonography specialist

Area of professional interest: paediatric surgery, ultrasonic investigation; genitourinary tract pathology diagnostics (urology, andrology) cardiovascular disease diagnostics.

Moiseev Alexey Nikolaevich

Head of medical physics department

Area of professional interest: leads all physics and technical works with distance radiation therapy devices, radiation monitoring, dosing estimation for radiation therapy, equipment support and quality control for accelerators and radiotherapy procedures. Besides participation in various advanced trainings and conferences, Alexey Nikolaevich is a visiting lecturer on IAEA courses. Editorial board member of “Medical physics”, […]

Demichev Sergey Viktorovich

General practitioner

Area of professional interests: pulmonology, cardiology, haematology, gastroenterology, rheumatic diseases. Author or more than 50 printed articles, including emergency medicine guidelines, co-author of national guidelines in primary care and cardiology, translator and editor of medical handbooks.

Shchikota Alexey Michailovich

Ultrasonography specialist.

Area of professional interest: ultrasonic diagnostics of abdominal organs and retroperitoneal space, soft tissues, nerves, lymph nodes, the thyroid, the breasts, the lungs, the mediastinum and Doppler colour imaging of vessels.

Professional interest area: MRI and CT studies of vessels and heart, dental scanning, contrast enhancing.

Ruseckiy Sergey Sergeevich

Medical physicist

Professional interest area: neuroradiology, paediatric neuroradiology

Area of professional interest: community health care, all types of injections, vein puncturing of any complexity, blood sampling and venous catheter placement, ECG, vaccination, tuberculin diagnostic tests, haemodialysis and plasmapheresis.