Press information

About Медскан.рф

МЕДСКАН.РФ is a fast-growing network of comprehensive medical diagnostic centers, leader in full-service high-tech medical diagnostics. We have 3 diagnostic center on the first line of the major highways with own parking lot. Our center offers following services:
  • Magnetic resonance imaging
  • Computed tomography
  • X-ray diagnostics and mammography
  • Ultrasound scanning
  • Laboratory testing
  • Telemedicine consultations and “Second opinion” service


We make advanced high-quality medical diagnostics affordable. «Медскан.рф» network is a key bent between outpatient care and hospitals. We assist health care professionals to make a correct diagnose and order right treatment.


Achieve effective health care by prompt high-quality diagnostics. Use only modern IT technology to get, store and confidentially transmit medical data. Enhance diagnostic possibilities of outpatient and diagnostic centers by provision of advanced software system of image processing and by telemedicine technologies.

МЕДСКАН.РФ features and advantages

  • Modern expert-level imaging equipment MRI scanners “Siemens Magnetom Aera” 1,5T (48 channels), “Magnetom Essenza” 1,5T (15 channels), Computed tomography scanners “Siemens Somatom Perspective” 128 slices and “Somatom Perspective” 64 slices.
  • In Медскан.рф centers work only certified professionals with long-term experience in best Russian hospitals
  • Interiors designed for disabled patient comfort. Modern IT-infrastructure makes image processing largely automated and allows us to easily keep, transmit data and provide remote access to the results for the patient.
  • Opportunity to submit all tests and get a consultation in one center in one day.
  • Modern video-conference technology supports organization of telemedicine consultation with leading world and Russian specialists in real-time right after the examinations.
  • Consultative support by foreign specialists.
  • Medical diagnostic centers network Медскан.рф is ready for collaboration with health care specialists and hospitals guaranteeing perfect work quality.
Contacts for press: Any other questions: Media relations officer: +7 (495) 122 03 03 доб.126