Magnetic resonance scanners with closed bore Siemens Magnetom Aera 1.5T, Magnetom Essenza 1.5T, 48 and 16 channels

have broad range of performed diagnostic protocols and provide the highest quality of image in the shortest time. The scanners have short bore to reduce the risk of claustrophobia in patients. Diagnostic equipment by Siemens makes imaging procedures comfortable for patients, perform unique procedures as dynamic contrast-enhanced vessel imaging, MR-spectrometry and significantly speeds up the examination.

Computed tomography scanners Siemens Somatom Perspective 128 and 64 slices

were designed for broad range of clinical challenges and provide minimal X-ray exposure for all scan procedures. Implemented LowDose technology reduces radiation dose for 75%, it is crucial for those patients who receives CT routinely.

Digital mammography machine Giotto

is an advanced and modern device of the latest generation. It produces high quality images improving the diagnostic confidence of acquired data. Ring stand allows to perform examination in lying patient to expand the area of visualization and make images of the breasts from the most physiological angles. In this pose, the chest muscles are fully relaxed so the area of the image appears even wider.

Digital X-ray unit Italray Clinomat

works as a usual X-ray device with an option to produce digital images. Modern technologies used in this scanner provide the highest resolution, the lowest radiation dose in class and the quickest image processing without any artefacts. Combination of all these features results in X-ray images showing every tiny detail of target tissue or organ.

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