We conduct magenetic resonance imaging for all parts of your body

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MRI of the abdominal cavity and the retroperitoneal spaceRead more
MRI of the upper limb and shoulder girdleRead more
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MRI of the soft tissuesRead more
  • MRI of the soft tissue of one area of the body from 7 000 rub.
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Safe diagnosis of MRI is the guarantee of your health!

Bulet Harmlessness of the study. Magnetic resonance, established in Medskan.RF, works in the permissible range of the magnetic field, so the study can be carried out repeatedly without harm to the patient. Bulet Non-invasive procedure. MRI in most cases does not require the introduction of contrast. If contrasting is necessary for better visualization, then you can be sure that the intravenously administered substance used in our centers does not entail complications.
Bulet Early diagnosis of pathologies. Thanks to MRI, it is possible to detect the presence of neoplasms at an early stage of development, which is a guarantee of timely diagnosis of the disease. Bulet Personalized approach. When contacting the Diagnostic Centers Medsnav.RF you will conduct from the beginning of the study and, if necessary, until the end of treatment, a specialized specialist who will take into account all your wishes.

Modern equipment for the best result!

  • Siemens Magnetom AERA 1.5T 48 channels
  • Only brand-new equipment
  • More than 90 000 000 people undergo examination and treatment with Siemens devices.
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Diagnostic centers Medscan.rf perform MRI for children of every age.

You need some preparation in two cases:

  • MRI of the pelvic. The bladder should be full. For this purpose, drink litre of water in an hour before the procedure and avoid peeing until doctor`s order.
  • MRI of the abdominal cavity. You need to fast for at least 5-6 hours before the procedure.

Before the MRI you should tell the radiologist about all allergies or intolerance to any substance. And give him all medical reports you have.

You will receive study report after few hours. You do no have to come back to Medscan.rf for the report. It is accessible through your personal account on our site.

  • Magnetic resonance imaging is not performed for patient with any metal objects in the body: surgical implants, nails, insulin pumps, pacemakers, etc;
  • There are some limitations for patient weight and physical characteristic of the patient. Weight should be less than 180 kilos; waist circumference and diameter should not be more than 140 and 32 cm respectively;
  • MRI is complicated in patients with claustrophobia, epilepsy, tics or mental disorders too. Patient`s stillness plays a crucial role in receiving reliable results. One involuntary movement spoils the whole image and we must start the procedure over. In these cases, we recommend performing MRI under general anaesthesia;
  • Other contraindications are associated with contrast media usage. The contrast media is a substance administered to the patient to make sharp image of the target region;
  • The contrast media may be dangerous for people with metabolic impairments, pregnant and nursing women. The contrast agent is harmless for healthy individuals, but if it is not excreted properly, contrast agent can cause intoxication.

Magnetic resonance imaging is widely used in diagnostics of various diseases. In Medscan.rf you can undergo:

  • MRI of the head MRI of the brain, MRI of the hypophysis, MRI of the nasal sinuses;
  • MRI of the spine. MRI of the cervical spine, MRI of the thoracic spine, MRI of he lumbosacral spine, MRI of the tailbone, MRI of the sacroiliac joints;
  • MRI of the joint. MRI of the temporomandibular joints, MRI of the shoulder joint, MRI of he elbow joint, MRI of the wrist joint, MRI o the hand, MRI of the hip joints, MRI of the knee joint, MRI of the ankle joint, MRI of the foot.;
  • MRI of the internal organs. MRI of the heart, MRI of the thoracic cavity and mediastinum, MRI of the breasts, MRI of the abdominal cavity, MRI o the retroperitoneal space, MR-cholangiography, MRI of the pelvic organs, MRI of the intestine;
  • MRI of the soft tissues. MRI of the soft tissues and organs of the neck, MRI of tissues of the limb;
  • MRI of the vessels. MRI o the cerebral vessels, MRI of the neck vessels, MRI of the heart vessels, MRI of the subclavian artery, MRI of the thoracic aorta, MRI of the abdominal aorta, MTI of the limb vessels;
  • MRI of the whole body.

Sure, there are a lot of different imaging technique: X-ray, US, CT, but MRI has some unique features:

  • Safety.
  • Safety. Despite the X-ray MRI does not expose the patient to any harmful radiation;
  • Absence of adverse effect allows to perform MRI as frequent as it is needed;
  • Accuracy;
  • MRI technology provides not just a clear and significant image of "inner world", but a 3D-model of the examined area of the body;

In some cases, the contrast media is used to enhance the image. The contrast agent is a special substance administered orally or intravenously. If patient does not have intolerance to components, the contrast agent is completely harmless and pass through the body within 48 hours.

При записи на исследование следует обратить особое внимание на то, что некоторые виды рентгенологических исследований проводят с введением специального контрастного вещества для выявления точной анатомической структуры органа. При некоторых типах рентгена его вводят внутривенно, в других случаях — с использованием катетера. Полностью из организма выводится раствор в течение 48 часов.

При записи на исследование следует обратить особое внимание на то, что некоторые виды рентгенологических исследований проводят с введением специального контрастного вещества для выявления точной анатомической структуры органа. При некоторых типах рентгена его вводят внутривенно, в других случаях — с использованием катетера. Полностью из организма выводится раствор в течение 48 часов.

What is MRI?

Magnetic resonance imaging is the safest and most effective method of soft tissue and organs visualization. It does not involve any radiation and usually does not require contrast media injection. Molecules` and nuclei motion under magnetic field allows to produce 3D-image of the target area and find pathology on the preliminary stages.
How does it work? MRI concept and features.
MRI in Moscow is performed with maximal comfort, the patient lies in the open MRI-scanner. Contraindications for MRI are cardiac-pacemaker or any other implanted devices.
Advantages of MRI in Medscan.
It`s easy and comfortable to undergo MRI in the Medscan diagnostic clinic. You would receive the most adequate image of the organ or tissue with all details. Our report provides to your physician an opportunity to make a clear understanding of state of the organ, make a diagnose and order the best treatment.

Medscan provides an opportunity to perform MRI with any type of modern scanners which ensure great accuracy of diagnostics. Modern Siemens scanner Magnetom AERA 1.5T produces perfect high-resolution images of any area of the body.

Medscan gives an option to undergo examination:
  • up to international standards
  • with the highest accuracy on the up-to-date scanner
  • quickly, in the day of the first visit
  • get the results on the same day with digital copies on the removable devices.
There is no need for special diet or medical procedure before the MRI scanning. Usually you can undergo the MRI whenever you need it without special preparations.

Our clinics

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Diagnostic center on Leningradskoe shosse
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Diagnostic center on Obrucheva Street
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Daily, 8:00 – 21:00
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