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Лабораторная диагностика: точные результаты обследования в кратчайшие сроки

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Лабораторные анализы: основные нюансы процедуры

Lab tests always involve biomaterial (blood, urine, tissue) obtaining and its analysis with modern devices by professionals. According the results of tests physician can make a diagnosis and prescribe right treatment.

Laboratory assays are used to confirm suspected pathology. It may be repeated multiple times during the course of the disease.

  • To establish the diagnosis
  • To control treatment and recovery processes
  • To confirm absence of the disease, this test is called "control test".

In Medscan we perform all types of laboratory tests from the elementary assays like clinical blood count to the most complicated tests for the rare diseases.

Common clinical tests require such biomaterial as urine, faeces, blood, ejaculate. With these examinations, physician can control success of the treatment or progression of the disease. PCR (polymerase chain reaction) - adequate method of infection diseases identification.

Allergy testing allows to detect allergy reaction and its provoking factors.
Hormonal testing is needed to estimate any imbalance (lack over overproduction) of these bioactive substances and rule out endocrine system pathology.

Biochemistry is group of tests which estimate concentrations of various importance substances and allows to diagnose metabolic impairments.

Immune status assays provide information about immune system and its response to different etiological agents like viruses and bacteria. For this purpose, blood test with lymphocyte count may be necessary.

Histology is required to diagnose tumour and cancer. It shows malignant cell in piece of the patient`s tissue. Also, histology may be useful to estimate condition and changes of specific tissues.

Cytology analyses cell composition, establishes the type of the investigated malignancy and gives an answer about its malignancy. Features of the disease are also described during the assay to simplify the choice of the correct treatment.

Haematological tests estimate quality and quantity of blood cells to find any blood and bone marrow disturbances.
Oncomarkers are special protein produced by tumours and may be used for cancer detection.

Molecular genetics testing gives us information about hereditary diseases, gene and chromosomal mutation.

During the pregnancy, a complex of lab tests should be performed controlling mother and fetus conditions over all nine month.

Pre-surgery test complex includes range of clinical blood and urine test reflecting general condition of the patient.
Occupational assays provide data about specific diseases connected with person`s occupation.

Express test is an opportunity to diagnose diseases as soon as possible.

For some types of lab exams sampling may be performed by the patient himself at home.

For other, biomaterial must be obtained by specialist in compliance of strict rules.

You should specify all the details with your physician or Medscan specialist before the procedure.
You should submit blood for analysis in fasting state or at least after an hour after meal. Also, you avoid smoking or drinking alcohol before the procedure, exclude some of the drugs. Few types of hormonal assays may be done in the selected days of the menstrual cycle.
For urine sampling, sterile collector should be use. Prior to collecting clean the genital area and do no collect the very first portion of the urine.
Faeces sample also should be collected in a sterile container. Sampling can be done at home. For some tests a special diet is necessary and for other it is important not to make any changes in your nutrition.
Expectoration sampling is done in the morning of the test`s day. Before it you should do usual oral care.

In Medscan sample analysis is performed with the most advanced equipment within agreed time-limits. You can make all tests confidentially. All results may be sent to the patient via email.
Laboratory diagnostics in Medscan provides multiple advantages among which are quality control system ensuring accurate diagnose and the best control of treatment.

Лабораторные анализы: оперативный результат и высокая точность

Laboratory testing in Medscan clinics is precise diagnostics, permitting doctors make correct diagnose, estimate condition and functions of the organ or the whole body, establish type and stage of the disease and control the efficacy of the treatment.

Accuracy of lab assays depends on:

In Medscan diagnostic centers you can pass all types of laboratory tests: clinical assays, PCR, allergy tests, hormonal tests, identification of oncomarkers, clinical biochemistry, histology and cytology, hematologic tests, molecular gene assays, pre-operational, occupational tests and examinations during pregnancy as well as express testing.
Medscan offers you an opportunity to undergo all needed tests as soon as possible and get accurate results. All lab tests in Medscan are performed with top-level equipment by qualified experts. Results allows your physician make clear diagnose and start the best treatment.

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