About Медскан.рф

МЕДСКАН.РФ is a fast-growing network of comprehensive high-tech medical diagnostic centers providing numerous innovative examination in following areas:

Development strategy of Медскан.рф

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Our growth strategy is based on principle of providing comprehensible, modern, innovative and high-quality medical diagnostics for wider population of Russia. We are turning this challenge into reality by following key steps:

Медскан.рф mission

Our duty is to build network of diagnostic centers for well-timed, high-quality and reasonable medical diagnostics. So our activity is based on following approaches:

Медскан.рф development

Медскан.рф growth plan involves foundation of 5 diagnostic and treatment clusters in various parts of the Russian Federation. Each cluster includes 8-10 typical diagnostic centers and 1 oncoradiology center equipped with two linear accelerators, diagnostic and chemotherapy departments. The first cluster is opening in Moscow in 2016. The first three diagnostic centers of the Moscow cluster have been already opened.

Медскан.рф network advantages

Complex high-tech medical diagnostics
MRI, CT, mammography, ultrasound, laboratory testing and telemedicine is a routine list of services in our centers. It covers more than 80% of all needed modern diagnostic methods.
Best professionals
In our network practise only highly skilled specialists with great experience from Russian and foreign hospitals.
Advanced equipment
We use only brand new equipment under manufacturer warranty. Our CT scanners are fitted with LowDose software system which reduces exposed dose for 75%.
International collaboration
Our partnership with world expert community and leading foreign clinics provides to the Medscan.rf patient unique opportunity to get such services as “second opinion” and telemedicine consultations with best world health care professionals and clinics as well as hospitalization requests service.
Consolidated image description and data storage center
МЕДСКАН.РФ network has its own consolidated center of image description, satisfying international requirement of quality to the medical reports.
We store all medical data in secure DPC, corresponding to Federal Law N 152-FZ “ON PERSONAL DATA”
We make much of our patient`s time
All network centers have its own parking lot and are located at the first line of the major highways of the city reducing all time commitment for travelling and parking.
Our patients do not waste their time visiting diagnostic center once again to get the report. At the patient`s wish we can send the results via e-mail or upload it to the protected personal account on Медскан.рф web-site.
Reasonable prices
The reasonable prices for all examination is our key approach.
Referrals for further treatment
After receiving the results our patient can ask our experts for treatment organization. Then all results will be sent to the dedicated experts for revision and further telemedicine consultation.